Callanish Village History

Callanish Village History

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The Earlier Village

The Earlier Village

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The Macivers

According to a rental document belonging to Lord Leverhulme, Angus Maciver (known locally as Aonghas Neill or Cloggy) bought no.12 Callanish from John MacDonald in 1920.

The Maciver'sAn order granted by the Scottish Land Court was thus effective from 1 January 1921 and on 15 May 1921 Angus Maciver was recorded as having paid the stipulated rent of 12s. Local information, on the other hand, suggests that the Macivers did not move from Valtos until c.1926, but this seems unlikely as Anguss daughter Maggie appears in a Breasclete school photograph from 1924.  


Angus Maciver was married to peigi Maclennan from Callanish and they had five children: Norman (Nogan), Robert, Neil, Maggie and Annabella. The family seem to have been mostly grow up by the time they moved to Callanish, although Maggie obviously was still at school.

Angus took over the running of the shop and bus from John MacDonald. His son Rob, a bachelor who worked in the mines during the war and afterwards settled in the family home as a crofter/weaver, was responsible for driving the bus. The shop was a general store and sold groceries. In addition there was a small store at no.12 selling paraffin, matches, cigarettes and so on. Norman (Nogan) took over the shop from his father and married a local girl, Joanne Macrae from Callanish Farm who ran the post Office. They later moved to Garynahine. It was Robert who inherited croft no.12 following his fathers death.

Neil Maciver went to Canada for some years, returning home to build a house next to no.12 which is nowadays the post Office and shop.

Rob, Maggie and Annabella did not marry, and Annabella died at a fairly early age. Rob died in February 1981, leaving the croft to his sister Maggie, as stipulated in his will made in April 1972. Maggie continued to live at no.12, in a house without a full water system, until the late 1980s when she moved to a retirement home in Stornoway. She sold her brother Neils house at no.13 to Alasdair Maclean who used and indeed may still use, the no.12 croft for grazing cattle and sheep.

About 1989 therefore, Malcolm Donald (Callum Dan) Maciver of Shawbost and subsequently Inverness was assigned the croft. His father had been a first cousin of Maggie Maciver. Malcolm however never used the croft himself, and it has recently been bought by Mr Donald J. Macleod.


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